Submission FAQ

Dear friends and colleagues,

Through the years, Layaco Media has had the opportunity to work with great talents from the industry– cinematographers, writers, editors and animators who have done an amazing job in helping tell our clients’ stories. Our work together, both in San Francisco and abroad, has helped shape the company we have become. Frankly, we know we wouldn’t be here without you.

This year, we are devoting time to grow a new inspirational mini-documentaries site called Ripplemakers.TV. Ripplemakers.TV is a Layaco Media brand created as a way of giving back to the filmmaking community that has generously shared their talents and skills with us through the years. It is also an opportunity for our promotional video producers, directors, writers and editors to tell their own inspiring stories from their backyards. Ripplemakers.TV is home to “Ripple,” a web tv show featuring inspiring mini-documentaries about ordinary people who cause a positive ripple effect in their communities. It is a community project that is meant to inspire people to make a difference.

We at Layaco, have always wanted to make a difference. We just weren’t sure how. Until Ripplemakers.TV.

Join the community. Tell your own stories… using your own words… and moving images.

Truly yours,
Carol Gancia, President, Layaco Media


I am a filmmaker. Can I also contribute my own Ripple stories?
As is still in beta mode, submissions are by invitation only. We are accepting contributions from a limited group of filmmakers we’ve worked with in the past. We will announce as soon as we’re ready to accept submissions from other filmmakers who may be interested.

I would like to join. What is the first step?

Please email Carol at with the following information:
Story Synopsis
Filming Location
Film Crew
Target Filming Date
Target Editing Completion Date

If you are still working on a story idea, email us anyway to let us know you’re interested.
After receiving your email, we will send you the Ripple titlecards & release forms if you already presented a story synopsis. If not, we will wait until you submit the synopsis before sending the files.

What kind of camera, sound and editing equipment can we use?

Professional equipment is recommended. We use two different camera equipment for our shoots, Panasonic HPX-170 and Cannon 5D. Any similar equipment will work. We also use a professional lav and shotgun mic for our interviews. Unless you are shooting outdoors with a lot of light, we would recommend the use of lighting equipment and/or reflectors/flags whenever needed.

What resolution can we film at?

Recommended Video Resolution For Filming:

How long should the video be?

We want the video to be short and sweet. A length that we have found to work often with web viewers is 4 minutes. If you need an additional minute or two, you can make it longer as long as you think you can still keep your viewers engaged.

What style should we follow?

To keep the look and feel of our community show similar, please use any of our videos as your guide.

How do we upload the video?

“A link with instructions will be provided after you’ve notified the Ripplemakers.TV team of the completion of your mini-documentary. You are also welcome to send your file via YouSendIt, your own account or any other user-friendly ftp site.”

What file format do you accept on the final video submission?

TBD. Please check back soon.

What files do I need to deliver after completing my mini-documentary?

You will need to send a high resolution video of your story, all the completed release forms and your response to our blog interview questions.

What types of release forms will you provide?

Appearance Release, Location Release and Materials Release forms.

Will we get any acknowledgment for the work we produced?

Our web viewers are always curious about the filmmakers who produced those heart-warming “Ripple” stories. We blog and brag about our “Ripple” filmmakers on our site, Twitter and Facebook. After you finish filming the story, we will send you a list of questions that you will need to fill out for a couple of blog articles that will be coming out about you and your “Ripple” story.

If you have any other questions that have not been answered, here please feel free to email me at