Sal’s Very Bright Idea

Sal recording his lessons

Author: Carol Gancia
Photo: Robyn Twomy

Harvard MBA graduate Sal Khan taught math to his niece and nephews. Online. They were in New Orleans where Sal grew up and he was all the way in California. Word spread among other relatives and friends, and he found himself remotely tutoring more kids from different time zones and conflicting schedules. He started posting his lessons on YouTube. His audience grew exponentially.

Everyone loved it. He saw great potential in what he was doing. In September, 2009, he quit his day job and started on a quest to educate as many kids as he can reach… from his walk-in closet. More…

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Sal’s Very Bright Idea (p. 2)

Sal with his son

Author: Carol Gancia
Photo: Khan Academy

Armed with a basic computer, a tablet and Yahoo’s Doodle Notepad, he devoted hundreds of hours creating lesson after lesson, and reaching kids who either loved or were afraid of math. They came from all over, with the largest following from the US, Canada, Australia and India.

Barely a year after he decided to pursue this burning idea, his daily virtual student count had reached 70,000, including Bill Gates’ son.

When asked why he does what he does… and for free, his response was simple, “I can’t imagine a better use of my time.” Back to Part 1

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