The Story Behind “The DanceWright Project” Episode

Jamie Ray Wright has been creating and staging dance masterpieces that have moved audiences for more than 10 years now. Wright, a former musician, advertising and marketing executive for more than 20 years, is founder and artistic director of The DanceWright Project, a contemporary dance company that is striving to make dance relevant to a wider audience with a much more open approach–incorporating elements of popular culture while showcasing the beauty of movement and the human form. Filmmaker Michelle Ortega met Wright in an adult ballet class at the Alonzo King LINES Dance Center, and this inspired her to produce this documentary with producer-editor Jason LaBatt for Ripplemakers.

What is it about Jamie Ray Wright that you found inspiring?

Jamie works at a dance center where he sees professional people come in and out every day and I find it inspiring that his love of dance encouraged him to pursue choreography. He just decided to do it and I think that’s great.

Why did you decide to produce a Ripple story?

I saw this as a great opportunity to promote Jamie‚Äôs work and share it with others. I liked the idea behind what Carol was doing with short inspirational stories and Jamie was the first person I thought of as he’s been in the back of my mind for several years and I was really happy to find a venue for his story.

What does it mean to you?

Producing a Ripple story means taking time out from my professional career as a corporate video producer to make something that’s personally meaningful to me, and dance is meaningful to me. I like it when people go outside their comfort zone and try something new because they want to do it regardless of whether society says it is valid. It challenges the belief that you have to be the best at something to be considered successful.

–Owen Santos

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