About Carol

“Ripple” TV show creator Carol Gancia loves inspiring people.

In October, 2009, she decided to create a TV show that highlights the super-human actions people do to change the world. She had three ambitious projects in mind– one was in India, the other in the Philippines and the third in West Virginia. She sat on the concept for a few months. They were all great stories to tell… once she had the resources to fly to these places.
She took a second look at the idea and thought, “Why not me? Why not my family, friends, friends of friends, colleagues and acquaintances?.” “Ripple” is about ordinary people like you and me taking a small brave step towards change.

Carol is an avid storyteller. She has a deep background in documentary filmmaking; 15 years and still counting. Throughout her years producing videos, from documentaries to cooking shows, she has won numerous awards, including three Emmys for her work as an associate producer at a San Francisco PBS station.

Carol’s hope is to inspire other RippleMakers to tell their own stories and share their videos on “Ripple.”