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Vancouver: “Josh” Episode

“One ordinary day in an extraordinary man’s life.” Filmmaker Angelina Cantada is convinced that spending a day with Josh Vander Vies is enough to change how one see’s life. Josh is quite an achiever—he’s an athlete, artist and motivational speaker who’s now working towards a law degree. The guy’s got big dreams. That he’s pursuing these dreams while living his life without arms and legs is simply one of those challenges that he’s overcome.

“I love the concept of Ripple—providing inspiration through ordinary people’s lives,” says Cantada. “Josh is a source of inspiration for me and I know he will be too for many of the viewers who will see this film.”

Cantada feels it’s awesome that Josh is living his life to the fullest and “that he doesn’t let his disability, or anything for that matter, get in the way of his goals and dreams.”

Do you feel that life has dealt you a bad hand? Snap out of it. If Josh can get over his problems, so can you. Watch “Josh.”

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–Owen Santos

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