San Francisco: “Dreaming Big” Episode

A professional make-up artist friend for TV, film and theater named Jenny Zielon led us to Christina Yao, a feature film director who was preparing to premiere her very first feature film in the United States. Jenny met Christina years ago while doing theater in San Francisco. Christina immediately struck her as someone who never allowed fear to stop her from what she wanted to do in life.

Christina jumped from doing years of theater to directing a film epic called “Empire Of Silver,” first shown in China and Taiwan. The Ripplemakers.TV team was floored by the beautiful cinematography and storytelling behind her first film work. We were also amazed at how seemingly fearless she is about pursuing her dreams.

Get to know her and find out what makes her tick with “Dreaming Big,” a Ripple episode from San Francisco, produced, co-written and edited by Carol Gancia, shot by Andrew Bender and co-written by Daniel Ogawa.

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Posted on 30 March '11 by admin, under SEASON 2.