“A Penny A Page” Episode

What is success to you? From birth, many of us are programmed to strive for it, but what does “it” really mean? “A Penny A Page” introduces us to Bill, a teacher and professional blogger who has his own definition.

Bill, an American from Cincinnati, lived in Asia for 20 years. In 1999, he moved back to America. Five years ago, he started writing about life and business in Japan, China and India. He wrote non-stop. 15 blogs everyday for a year and a half… until he started making money.

Bill says his greatest weakness is also his greatest strength: not knowing when to stop. 15 websites later, he’s still at it and sharing what he knows with 3,700 San Francisco Bay Area Meetup members. Why? Bill attempts to answer this question.

In Episode 4, RipplemakersTV producer Carol Gancia and cinematographer Andrew Bender bring Bill’s story to the screen. Have a thought or two about the story? We’d love to hear from you. Post your comments on this site or tweet the filmmaker on twitter.com/ripplemakerstv.

Have a thought or two about the story? We’d love to hear from you. Post your comments on this site, “like” us on Facebook or tweet the filmmaker. ‘Want to keep abreast on the latest about “Ripple?” Subscribe to this blog.


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11 Comments to ““A Penny A Page” Episode”

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Andrew Bender. Andrew Bender said: RT @ripplemakerstv: Our fourth episode. We hope the story warms your heart this holiday season. http://fb.me/BIZG5kJR [...]

#2 Posted by Mitsch (23.12.10 at 17:12 )

Very cool! Congratulations Carol and Andrew and Kudos to Bill!

#3 Posted by Dave (23.12.10 at 18:06 )

Bill’s been a great blogging coach to me. Check out my blog, “My China Connection” to see how I put into practice what I learned from him.

#4 Posted by B.B. (23.12.10 at 18:14 )

Very inspiring.
A simple yet very thorough introduction of a field of modern profession I was totally unfamiliar with until now.
I also noticed the contrast between the professionalism, yet with the casual friendly approach. I really liked that.

#5 Posted by eileensuico (27.12.10 at 15:23 )

another great work, Carol! a perfect one for the coming new year too – it sparks inspiration.


#6 Posted by Kevin Carney (03.01.11 at 19:15 )

Great video!!! You have captured the essence of Bill Belew.

Thank you,

#7 Posted by Adam the Dancing Cowboy (03.01.11 at 19:19 )

Bill is very professional in the way he runs his Meetups, and he is very generous with his time and expertise. Great video, Carol and Andrew!

#8 Posted by Marketing Consultants (03.01.11 at 20:07 )

Bravo Bill, you Rock…..
Loved this video, it was genuine, it was authentic, it was real. One that I will never forget is quote of yours “Something Bigger than Passion is Hunger” …That is so true!

#9 Posted by Dave Doolin (03.01.11 at 20:28 )

A penny per page… I think I can do that. Looks like I need to mosey on down the peninsula, sooner than later.

#10 Posted by richbee (04.01.11 at 15:18 )

I was amazed with everything. Very professional. How did you capture everything with such good lighting and Bill’s direct eye contact with interviewer? Also, the script, i.e., the order of the clips? Framing nice. The cutting room did pretty d*** good, too. [How much did it cost him?]

#11 Posted by Sarah (11.01.11 at 17:30 )

Nicely done. Bill is right: hunger is a greater power than passion. His passion really shines through the video though.