Frida’s Mirrors

Author: Carol Gancia
Photo: Nickolas Muray

20th century revolutionary painter Friday Kahlo was tormented by physical, emotional and psychological pain most of her life, and yet, produced over 160 completed paintings in her lifetime. Much of her work was done while confined in bed due to a permanent backbone, pelvic and foot injury from her youth.

Frida Kahlo with Idol #11, Coyoacán, Mexico, ca. 1940

Her paintings were a mirror of her inner self. And her self was a mirror of her community and her country. Her beloved husband, Diego Rivera, was in every brush stroke… every color… every canvas. She was fearless in the way she approached her art, putting to canvas her deepest thoughts and emotions about people and life around her.

Her intimate relationship with her paintings resulted in a collection of work that men and women all over the globe admire for its depiction of ugly and beautiful, all felt at once by many who view her paintings.

Women today are looking for their own female heroes to get inspired. Over 50 years after her death, Frida serves that purpose and more, as women from all over the world witness her strength through her work, displayed and toured in the most visited museums in North America and Europe.


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